Judith S. & Soulfood Project

Judith Sparr (Gesang)

Judith Sparr besticht durch ihre Stimme. Individuell und voller Ausdruckskraft. Soulfood, Essen für die Seele eben.

Eingereichter Song:

Hold on

Musik: Judith Sparr
Text: Judith Sparr

you told me about your dream last night
he said: goodbye, you saw this light
like countless sunbeams behind the trees
a peaceful smile in the midst of golden leaves

and when this world has got you down
hold on
and when you’re broken and alone
(and when you’re prayin’ on your own)
hold on

it’s the hardest thing to face the point of no return
I’ve never felt a deeper desperation – and then
I was falling, I’ve lost any feeling of time
wanted to cut out this scene in the movie of mine

the last breath left a flat line on the cardiogram
and closed the book of life – now he’s at home
I was lost in space, couldn’t feel myself anymore
(was) walking through a sea of emotions and closed the door

time can bring you back the rainbow-colours of the sky
time will tell you: there’s no beginning without a goodbye