Keep in mind

Belinda Nachbaur (Gesang, Gitarre)
Anja Tomas (Gesang)
Patrick Stieger (Gitarre)
Peter Mathis (Schlagzeug)
Tobias Riedmann (Bass)

In ihrem Beitrag besingen Keep in mind die wunderbare Welt, in der wir leben. Sie drücken mit ihrem Lied aus, dass Gott uns geschaffen hat, damit wir eine Freude am Leben haben! Right!

Eingereichter Song:

The world we live in

Musik: Belinda Nachbaur
Text: Anja Tomas

I open my eyes, very slowly to see
Just to know, just to be
I live in this world God gave to me
I take a step outside the house just to see
How the weather’s going to be
And when my friends come and stay with me
I take a breath and I can feel that I’m fi ne
I don’t have to wait for God’s sign
‘Cause I know that his melody is mine
So thank you God for my family
And everything you gave me

It’s a wonderful world we live in
With all the shades and differing grades
With our friends and all the mistakes
You made it great, thank you God

We walk down the street, very slowly to see
Just to know, just to be
We walk through the world God gave to us
We want to run, we want to hide
Play useless things all day and night
Don’t think too much, just have some fun
Without a knife, without a gun
The world is a gift from our God, so don’t make war
We all want to live in peace

Some people don’t realize it
Some people want to ignore
We all need help from others
If you don’t know how to help
Pray to God and he will teach you
But please don’t try to let the world be as it is
‘Cause we are living here