Fallen Up

David Franzoi (Gesang, Bass)
Martin Czerniak (Gitarre)
Patrick Mayr (Schlagzeug)
Lukas Dür (Gitarre)

Ein richtiger Heavy Metal Kracher, das Lied von Fallen up. Christliche Musik kann auch so klingen. Fallen up aus Bludenz zählen auch abseits des GodSound Wettbewerbs zu einer vielversprechenden Vorarlberg Newcomerbands.


Eingereichter Song:

Three Nails

Musik: Patrick Mayr, Martin Czerniak, Lukas Dür
Text: David Franzoi

God gave us the gift of life
His grace is always on our side
So many times he shows the way
Since he‘s been with us day by day

But humanity is too blind to see
God‘s love in its eternity
We don‘t seem to appreciate
The peaceful weapon against hate

Three nails mark the place
Where Jesus showed God‘s eternal grace
Faith is the path that we shall go
Life is the aim love is the goal
But we seem to fail

I can‘t understand mankind
They don‘t even try to find
The greatest truth in our lives
Our charity we must not disguise

Jesus preached a hopeful way
The words are: Believe and pray
But humanity destroys itself
Ignoring the tool to avoid hell

One glance at our world
Will tell you a true word
War, hate, crime, they can‘t be right
We should have learned the way
We ought to go the way of Jesus Christ