Bernhard Jordan (Ukulele)
Florian Jordan (Bass)
Michael Jordan (Gitarre)
Daniel Jordan (Gesang)
Anna Jordan (Gesang)
Katharina Jordan (Gesang, Gitarre)

Eingereichter Song:

Song for the world

Musik: Katharina Jordan
Text: Katharina Jordan

I sing this song for the world
For all the people and for God
I sing for freedom and for love
to praise all living.
I say thanks for my life,
for the creation and the earth
and I thank God that he is one of us.

Can you see this man
standing alone on the bridge of disappointment.
He is taking steps but doesn’t come forward -
struggling and fighting with himself
But there is hope shining on him.
There’s a hand holding him tight
and leading him into light!

Can you see this old woman
sitting in the dust on the street of resignation.
She is begging for love but nobody is there.
She’s alone, unknown, unseen, unheard.
But there is hope shining on her.
There’s a hand, holding her tight
and leading her into light!

Can you see these children
playing with guns on the fields of disregard,
Singing songs of freedom but the shoots are louder –
making sounds and rhythms of death.
But there is hope, shining on them.
There’s a hand holding them tight
and leading them into light!