Volos & Co

Christian Jordan (Bass)
Christine Föger (Gesang, Klavier)
Emanuel Huemer (Schlagzeug)
Lisi Beer (Gitarre)
Steffi Gebesmaier (Gesang)
Körbler Florian (Gitarre)
Cornelia Matejka (Geige)

Eingereichter Song:

A song of a child

Musik: Katharina Jordan
Text: Magdalena Söberl

At night I lie on the floor
and I try to sleep
But questions like why
keep me awake.
Many things come up to my mind
Questions like how?
Questions like why?
Questions about life?

I look back to the start
when I went away.
Did anyone ask why I left?
Did it matter that I’m gone?
Or where they simply glad?
Is there anyone who cares about me
or am I alone?

I wanna go home
but no one is there!
I wanna go home
not just any where!
Where I’m feeling welcomed,
Where I’m feeling loved,
Where I can start a new life!

I’ve looked on the streets
to find the answers
But no one was there to tell me.
I asked people under the bridge
But everything I found
were new questions about life.

How is it to fall in love?
How to be taken as I am?
How is it when someone cares
what you feel and how you are?
How does it feel to be held
when you seem to fall apart?
How is it when there’s someone
who loves you at all?

But some time ago
I found a home
A place where I can be myself,
Where people dry my tears at night.
It’s a place where I can stay
and have a family.

Some answers will be
never found
as hard as I ever try.
I just can accept them
when the come to my mind.
To let them be a part of me,
to let them be my past.
I lift my eyes and go my way.

I’m going home
And someone is there
I’m going home not just anywhere
Where I’m feeling welcomed,
Where I’m feeling loved,
Where I could start a new life!