T.R. (Gesang)
J.W. (Gesang, Gitarre)

Zwei Stimmen, eine Gitarre, eine Aussage. Froy, das Singer-Songwriter Duo hat inhaltlich einiges zu sagen.

Eingereichter Song:

They say

Musik: T.R.
Text: T.R.

Once I was looking for something new
I wanted to see my dreams coming true
I was searching for this everywhere
But there was nothing to find there

But they say that
Things just cant be found
They say: stop to look around
The say: you will not find what you’re looking for

They say you’re not good enough
They say there’s no one high above
They say you will not make it through the night

And so I turned the other way round
And suddenly I was found
Jesus my lord he rescued me
With all his love – now I’m free

And as I prayed to jesus above
He filled me with his joy and his love
He told me things for me and for you
He is the way, the life and he’s true

But than he said: you searched and I found
He says: start to look around
He says: you will find me if you’re longing for

He says: I’m more than good enough
He says: I came from above
He says: just through me you can win the fight

he says, they say,
but what he says is the only way