Sharine O´Neill

Heidi Dittmann (Gesang, Gitarre)

Eingereichter Song:

Dancing Angels

Musik: Sharine O
Text: Sharine O

Your just knock on their door
I’m sure they let you in
Don’t have to knock anymore
They’re on the way to beg you in
If you step in that large room
I’m sure you do, just wait
You will meet them very soon
They come to lead you, mate

Angels dancing all around you
Dancing angels you dance too
Angels dancin’g the invite you
Dancing angels you’re one too

You can sing now and play
Time is nothing anymore
We will meet again one day
It’s the life we’re living for
Can do now whatever you like – do things
You’ve never done before
But please don’t forget about us
Keep an eye on us just as before

Angels dancin’ all around