From the Inside

Dominik Sonnweber (Gesang)
Michael S. (Gesang, Gitarre)
Jakob W.(Schlagzeug)
Steve Gsellmann (Bass)

Auf den Spuren von Offspring wandeln diese Herren. Belebender Punk in Reinkultur, auch das ist GodSound.

Eingereichter Song:

Finally found

Musik: Michael S., Jakob W.
Text: Michael S., Jakob W.

I wake up, a day like any other
Have my girl, have my home
It seems like a perfect life
I feel there must be more
I’m empty, incomplete
Crawling to fi nd my destiny

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for
In my life there must be more
Deeper, stronger, living longer
My desire: heavier, higher

Walking down the streets
Seeing poor people like you and me
Emptiness in their faces, lost in their thoughts
Everyday the same
I’m empty, incomplete
Crawling to fi nd my destiny

In my deepest despair you speak to me
Give me hope, give me joy, you set me free

I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for
My life - it means much more
I found that person, who lifts me up
Jesus Christ, the Son of God