Rick Frei (Gesang, Gitarre)
Christian stroppa (Gesang, Saxophon)

Saxophon, spanische Gitarre, ein erfrischender Rhythmus. Refresh bezeugt bei GodSound reloaded ganz biblisch den Sieg, den Jesus für die Menschen errungen hat.

Eingereichter Song:


Musik: Rick Frei
Text: Rick Frei

Love is gonna win over hate and
Good is gonna win over evil
Weeping may endure for an evening
But joy will always come in the morning
I’m so glad to sing that love
Will conquer hate in Jesus, yes
I’m so glad to stay in love
And through Christ Jesus
We’ve got the victory

Giving’s always better than getting and
Truth is always better than pretending
God is not much interested in heroes
So we don’t need to help him fight our battles
I will always live, never dying
Death can’t keep me buried in the grave
This is why I’m happy when I sing…