Joseph Bianco (Gitarre, Bongos)
Simone Bianco (Gesang)

An den Apostel Thomas dürfte der eingereichte Text angelehnt sein, wenn Simone Bianco singt: "... oh can it really be ? Please let me see" Erst wenn ich sehe, glaube ich dir. Ein Text zum Nachdenken.

Eingereichter Song:

Let me see

Musik: Joseph and Simone Bianco
Text: Joseph and Simone Bianco

All was made by your holy word
in glorious wonder you filled the sea
in heavenly splendor you filled up the land
and you created me

all the earth and all the sea proclaim your majesty
he bore our sins upon the cross for our iniquity
he lives in you and me - oh can it really be
please let me see

After the first two fell off your grace
you sent us wisdom through all the prophets
you showed your truth and your mercy till now
oh do we really know?

do you know me?
Do you love me?
Are you with me?
Why can´t i see?
Are you almighty?
Do you get me out of me?
Do you feel me?
Do you release me?

... oh can it really be ?
Please let me see,
please let me see,
please let me see,
please let me see!