Methodic tune

Elisabeth Niederstätter (Gesang)
Melanie Ellensohn (Gesang)
Paloma Nachbaur (Gesang)
Patrik Bolter (Bass)
Thimo Längle (Gitarre)
Oliver Schmid (Schlagzeug)

Popig und mit viel Pepp kommt der bei GodSound reloaded eingereichter Song daher. Ist Gott ein Popstar? Für diese drei Mädels auf jeden Fall.

Eingereichter Song:


Musik: Elisabeth Niederstätter, Melanie Ellensohn, Paloma Nachbaur
Text: Elisabeth Niederstätter, Melanie Ellensohn, Paloma Nachbaur

Everybody knows you’re the only one
You give us your power, you give us your love
You’re the rock in the surf, you’re always here
You’re the only one we need, you’re the light of our lives
Holy is your name, you’re the king of our hearts
Hear our voice as we pray to you
You‘re all-powerful, you are God

You forgive us, no matter what we do
You are strong for us, we believe in you
We won’t be afraid, when we’re come to die
Because we know you are waiting for us
And above in the sky we will celebrate with you
Have a better life, no shadows behind
Forget the bad times, ‘cause we’ll be in heaven
Just open our eyes

You’re like a popstar
We believe in you and together we say
You’re like a popstar
You’re our Father in heaven
We wanna rock with you

Down on earth we have a paradise
Everything you made is so wonderful
All things we have, they come from you
Everybody knows you‘re the king of our hearts
You protect us in good and in really bad times
When we feel bad, we can hold on to you
You‘re our air to breathe, you‘re our life

Now we wanna thank you for everything we have
We are happy, that you look after us
We have all that we need, you‘re there for us
Never let us down, when we need your help
Faith in you gives meaning to our lives
Please care for us on earth and in heaven
Open the door, ‘cause you‘re the key
‘Cause you‘re the truth


You’re here for us
Don‘t let us down
We trust in you
Show us the way
We praise your name
Give us your love
Come on let’s pray
Listen to us
You are so great
We know that
You‘re waiting for us
Leave bad things behind