Daniela Gau (Gesang)
Peter Vigl (Saxophon)

Der kühle Trip-Hop Sound von Soul2Ligtht setzt einen modernen Kontrapunkt und besticht durch den durchgehenden Beat.

Eingereichter Song:

God in my life

Musik: Daniela Gau
Text: Daniela Gau

Give me peace
Give me paradise
Touch my soul
Touch my heart
Come and stay

I called tonight to talk a little while
I need a friend who listens
To my anxiety and trial
You see I can’t quite make it
Through a day just on my own
I need your love to guide me
So I never feel alone
I want to ask you please to keep my family
Safe and sound
Give me faith
Give me faith, dear God

Give me peace
Give me paradise
Give me peace

I’ll call you tonight
God I need you
And I’ll call again tomorrow
please listen to my call
And give me your good advice
When I stumble and fall
Your number, God is the only one
That answers every time