Judith S. & Soulfood Project

Judith S. & Soulfood Project aus Nüziderssind:

Judith Sparr
Ulrich Sparr
Patrick Römer

Keep on
Text/Musik: Judith Sparr

Walking on my way on a cold and rainy day
It’s the deepest need that forces me to pray
It’s the moment of despair
That forces me to say that life’s unfair

In my imagination you are a thousand miles away
The foundation of the contact got broken on the way
So I write it on the paper all the things I couldn’t say
It will help to carry on and on – a little more each day

Keep on livin’
Keep on lovin’
Keep on trusting
In the true thing
Keep on prayin’
Hear him sayin’
Life is more

I wish I could see what the future may bring
Wish I could be strong enough to live with this strange thing
Saying – just take a forward look on you
I’m praying – don’t forget to concentrate on you

You’re on your way and you’re taking every chance
There are moments where your soul can dance
You feel great as if you were flying
But inside you some essential things are dying

Keep on…

Lay your life in his hand
Feel his message if you can
He keeps your soul sacred
Just store your knowledge safely
Your heart is good as gold
He’s got you in his fold

Keep on…